About PlainedgeTV 

PlainedgeTV was founded in fall of 2019 at Plainedge High School. It was an organization designed to allow students to bring the Plainedge community closer together through live-streaming of sporting events, concerts, and more. Over the last 3 years, PlainedgeTV students have flourished both in and out of the classroom and club to make PlainedgeTV an integral part of the Plainedge community. Over 15 students from PlainedgeTV thus far have gone onto pursue college careers in the field of video production. This page is intended to give you a glimpse of some of the amazing projects, endeavors, and trips students have completed. They continue to bring the Plainedge community together while honing their video skills. Feel free to click on any of the topics below to read more about them!

Community-Building Video Projects

As mentioned above, PlainedgeTV has developed to be an integral part of the Plainedge community. There have been countless videos and projects by students to continue to bring our tight-knit community closer together. Below are a handful of some projects our students have had the pleasure of working on for and with the Plainedge community. 

Movie Musical

During the COVID pandemic, the drama club was unable to perform its musical in front of an audience. With the collaboration between PlainedgeTV, the Plainedge Music Department, and Plainedge Drama Club, a Movie Musical was created. This movie musical was written by Mr. Ryan Lane and produced by the PlainedgeTV team. Over the course of a few weeks and multiple film days, students performed the musical in front of cameras throughout the school to bring life to this awesome script.

The movie musical was well received by the Plainedge community and even was featured on News12 Long Island. As of fall 2022, Kyle Kavully who was one of the leads in this project has been cast in the national tour of Hairspray. Feel free to enjoy this PlainedgeTV Project.  


Movie Musical 2020 - PlainedgeTV & Plainedge Drama Club.mp4

Motivational Monday - Celebrity Night

Motivational Monday Final.mp4

Plainedge Proud

Day 12 - Plainedge Proud.mp4

Class of '20 - 20 Days of Seniors

PlainedgeTV formed at quite a unique time as the middle of our first year in existence was cut short due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students, especially seniors, high school experience was altered in a way never before seen. In order to raise spirits, bring our community together, and give the Class of 2020 seniors the best possible send-off possible, we created the 20 Days of Seniors. The series of videos were released nightly over the last 20 'days' of school with a different video highlighting students each night. 

With over 18,000 collective video views within the Plainedge community, the 20 Days of Seniors was a success. All videos were student initiated. On the left hand side, please feel free to check out two of the videos, Motivational Monday and Plainedge Proud. 

Motivational Monday was a video designed to lift the spirits of all during such a difficult time. It featured many custom celebrity shout outs to our Plainedge seniors including James 'Murr' Murray from Impractical Jokers, 'Polar Bear' Pete Alonso of the NY Mets, Plainedge graduate Steve Guttenberg, Leigh-Allyn Baker from Good Luck Charlie, and much, much, more! 

Plainedge Proud was a video that put parents in front of the camera and allowed them to express just how proud of their children they were. 


PlainedgeTV Supports Our Veterans

Schwarting Elementary School in Plainedge School District hosted annual events to support our veterans. On Veteran's Day, local veterans came to Plainedge to read to students and share some stories. It was very important to PlainedgeTV to be a part of this special day. PlainedgeTV students interviewed veterans and created a short documentary based on the stories from these heroes. Click to watch the student created documentary. 


Holidays Final w: Tree.mp4

Plainedge Holiday Spectacular

Also at the start of the pandemic, many annual traditions could not occur for example the Plainedge Public Schools annual Christmas tree & Menorah lighting. PlainedgeTV worked with student music groups, administration, and even Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler from Full & Fuller House) to bring an experience for all to enjoy.


Special Guest & Alumni Speakers

In every field, it is so important to network with others and build professional relationships. In PlainedgeTV there are times where students are presented with those real-world connections should they want to pursue a post-high school career in video production. These connections are in addition to the real-world experiences that students have access to in the PlainedgeTV program. Below are a few of the guest & alumni speakers who PlainedgeTV students had the pleasure of meeting.

Joe Gatto

 Joe Gatto of Impractical Jokers fame offered a contest to high schools across the country for a virtual meet and greet. PlainedgeTV was fortunate enough to have met with Joe Gatto who spent over an hour talking with students about his career. He explained the editing process and how each episode came to fruition. He spoke with each graduating senior to offer personalized advice about their career paths.


Joe Gatto PlainedgeTV.mp4

Courtney Henggeler

Have you seen Cobra Kai? How about Big Bang Theory? Well PlainedgeTV students were fortunate to have met Amanda Russo from the show Cobra Kai and Sheldon's sister from Big Bang Theory. Students were treated to a Zoom call with Ms. Henggler who reviewed student scripts, gave each student feedback on their scripts, and provided some insight into her career. Click here to see more!


Brendan Day

This class of 2012 Plainedge alumnus was generous enough to donate some of his time to speaking with PlainedgeTV students. He spoke about his career as a producer for Thrillist social media content and editing large scale projects. He also gave PlainedgeTV students advice and pointers as some seek a career in the field. One of Brendan’s movies hit shelves this past winter. We’re excited to see where Brendan heads next!


Past Trips

PlainedgeTV has been very fortunate and grateful to attend multiple field trips in the video production realm. We continue to provide students with real-world experiences that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. Below are two of the trips that have been taken by PlainedgeTV students. 

NBC Presents Annie Live!

Due to our amazing Plainedge Class of 1960 alumnus, Dave Levisohn, students were invited to Annie Live at Grumman Studios in Bethpage, NY starring Celine Smith, Harry Connick Jr., Titus Burgess, Taraji Henson, and Nicole Scherzinger. Students met with Mr. Levisohn's daughter who was stage manager on the production and given insight into what it takes to launch such a large scale production and how every person plays a special role.  


Hofstra - Thursday Night Live

Students from PlainedgeTV were invited to Hofstra University, Lawrence Herbert School of Communications to see a taping of the popular campus show; Thursday Night Live. Students met with Dr. Peter Gershon who explained to students what video production looks like at the collegiate level. Students then were in the audience of Thursday Night Live to see how a live program truly works. This show has been a campus staple for 20 years and it was created by Mr. Lombino back in the year 2001.